Children's stories about parents to read with children

Children's stories about parents to read with children

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The stories contribute to develop children's imagination and fantasy and to create their own inner worlds. A children's story can help children overcome potential conflicts and establish values.

Therefore, from We encourage you to read with your children this series of Stories for children where the story revolves around the relationship of a father with his children. In this way, you can share a pleasant reading time with the smallest of the house and teach them that books hide exciting and fun stories that they can discover during their free time.

Here you havea series of children's stories about parents to read with children. The stories that you will find have as main protagonists the parents and the relationship they have with their children.

Pinocchio. Here you have the tale of Pinocchio, an old but updated classic tale full of values. With it you can reflect on lying, disobedience and respect. A magical tale full of surprises and adventures, which continues to educate and entertain children.

My dad is very busy. My dad is very busy is a story for children and especially for parents. This help encourages us to reflect on the way in which we share our time with our children. It is an ideal story to read with children and celebrate Father's Day, and it will make us reflect on the importance of being present for more time in our children's lives.

The sons of the farmer. The sons of the farmer fought over everything. This fable with a moral teaches children the value of solidarity, that is, when two or more people come together and collaborate mutually to achieve a common goal.

The father and the two daughters. Fable 'The father and the two daughters' by Aesop. Fables with a moral to read to children. Children's stories and fables to stimulate children's reading. Stimulate children's development with these popular fables.

Khalid's wish. Children's stories of the readers: Khalid's wish. New children's stories. We offer you an original story that transmits values ​​for your child.

The man, the boy and the donkey. Short stories about parents to tell to children. Children's fables with a moral. Stories for Father's Day. Simple literature for children. Tales with a moral.

The three sons of the king. Short stories for Father's Day. Children's stories. Tales with a moral. Tell your child the story of the three sons of the king, a tale full of values.

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