The benefits of touch for the baby

Did you know that touch is the first sense to develop inside the uterus and is the last to disappear before dying? In addition, it will be the touch first means of communication of our baby, coming into contact with his immediate surroundings through the skin.

Using touch with the baby brings many benefits, both physically and emotionally. We explain what they are.

At first, the fetus sways and floats, later the world around it becomes more and more compressed and over time the gentle contact with the mother's womb becomes more intense, until finally the moment of the contractions that will compress and they will push the child in a rhythmic way causing great stimulation in his skin and in his organ systems. Children are therefore accustomed to tactile stimulation from conception and that is why it is vital to resume it after birth.

Touch will be the one that will most influence the baby's first development and that is why it must be given the importance it deserves.

- Physical benefits touch in babies:

1. Helps to grow and develop faster

2. Accelerates the natural development of the whole organism

3. Stimulates the growth of the skeleton and body

4. Improves digestion and assimilation

5. Stimulates the hormonal system

6. Reduce stress

7. Strengthens the immune system

8. Helps mature the nervous system

9. Promotes the secretion of endorphins reducing pain and producing a feeling of well-being

10. Facilitates the baby's rest and sleep

- Emotional benefits touch in babies

1. Establish loving, healthy and safe bonds

2. The crying period of children is usually reduced

3. They will feel that they are respected and listened to and this will help us to understand what they need

4. Regulates the states of behavior

5. Establish patterns and subsequent patterns of behavior of incalculable value

Many are the benefits of making a constant and good use of the nurturing touch in the baby from birth, but my experience has confirmed that for a Baby the first attachment relationship has great power, because it is usually the most significant model for all the relationships you will have throughout your life. I encourage you to put it into practice, and remember that it is never too late, you can always start working with touch with our children even if they are no longer babies.

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