Spongebob cookies for kids

Spongebob cookies for kids

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sponge Bob is a lovely marine sponge that lives in a pineapple, located in Bikini Bottom. His best friends are Patricio and Arenita. Together they live great adventures. This adorable sponge has become a hit with children thanks to its sweetness. All children love this cartoon. Therefore, nothing better than sweetening the palate of the little ones with some funny spongebob cookies. They are very cute and they are also delicious!

These cookies are ideal for children's birthdays or to prepare on special occasions, such as carnivals. Although at first glance it may seem very complicated, Guiainfantil teaches you step by step how to make these simple SpongeBob cookies, with which children will lick their fingers.


  • Rectangular cookies
  • Fondant (yellow, white, red, black, brown, blue)
  • Black or brown paste coloring
  • Wooden sticks (optional)

1- For the cookie decoration, you have to spread the yellow fondant and cut it to the same size as the cookie. With the help of the mouth of a pastry bag, you have to cut the edges in a zig zag and make small circles to simulate the bubbles in the sponge.

2- With the help of a brush, we wet the cookie with water to paste the fondant, cutting out where the brown pants will go and cutting strips of white fondant for the belt.

3- To get the rest of the spongebob costume, we need: two white triangles for the collar of the shirt; a triangle and a red diamond for the tie; a white circle and a smaller one in blue are required for the eyes; a dark brown semicircle for the mouth; a small elongated yellow nose; two little white squares for the teeth and a little red circle for the tongue.

4- Once all the parts of the body have been cut out, we glue each element in place. With the help of a brush and brown or black coloring, we paint the eyelashes and the seams of the pants. Optionally, you can put a stick and instead of cookies, they can be made funny spongebob lollipops. Kids will love it!

5- And our SpongeBob cookies are ready to eat! What they look like, the kids are sure to suck their fingers.

(Recipe prepared by Isabel Matilla Martinez, from the Tarttery.)

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