The two friends and the bear. Rhyming stories

The two friends and the bear. Rhyming stories

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The two friends and the bear is one of the many fables that Samaniego wrote. It is a short story with a rhyme that hides a teaching, so it becomes an ideal story to educate children in values.

Short stories and poems are a perfect resource to bring children closer to reading. This story in verse teaches children to withdraw from friends who abandon you when they see danger.

A bear appears to two friends:
the one, very fearful,
in the branches of a tree it is secured;
the other, left to chance,

He pretends to be dead suddenly.
the Bear approaches him slowly;
more like this animal, it is said,
it never feeds on corpses,

Without offending him he records it and touches it,
smell his nose and mouth;
he does not feel his breath,
not the slightest movement;

And so, he was saying without suspicion:
'He is as dead as my grandfather.'
Then the coward,
of his great friendship showing off,
the tree comes off very light,
run, reach out and hug your partner,

Ponder fortune
of having found him uninjured,
and finally says:
'Know that I have noticed
That the Bear was telling you a message.
What could it be? '

'I'll tell you what it was;
these two little words in your ear:
separate your friendship from the person
that if he sees you at risk, he abandons you. '

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