They ban the ipad and smartphones to children under two years of age

They ban the ipad and smartphones to children under two years of age

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It is one of the giants, of the great producers of smartphones and tablets. And he has been the first to declare war on parents who use them as 'babysitters'. From now on Taiwan, children under 2 years of age cannot play with any of these devices. Parents who defy the rule can face a fine of more than 1,300 euros.

Whims of a government? No. The reason has to do with health. The law they will apply is called Child Welfare Law. And all the most recent studies, worldwide, never tire of warning about the dangers of using ipads, smartphones and computers in young children.

These devices (mobile phones and tablets) they are great for keeping your child entertained. We know. And we even think that it may even be beneficial for the little one. Games that stimulate you, that enhance your concentration ... Yes, true. But do we know the risks? How do these devices harm you?

- Vision problems: Ophthalmologists get tired of warning about the long-term damage that improper use of these devices causes to the eyes, and the short-term damage they are causing (increased myopia and astigmatism).

- Hearing problems: Especially in older children who use headphones and turn the volume very high.

- Social interaction problems: Children who abuse new technologies will have more difficulties to function in the complex world of social relationships. The reason is that they spend more time with technological gadgets than with people. It is impossible to try solving such important problems during the first years of life. The American Academy of Pediatrics He says: 'A child's brain develops rapidly during these early years, and young children learn best through interaction with people, not screens.'

- Emotional problems: Children who use electronic devices excessively present a greater degree of anxiety and depression. And this is because they have not learned to manage their emotions, something that is learned above all with social interaction.

The Taiwanese government is a pioneer in putting into practice something that many countries would like to do, but do not dare: prohibit the use of these devices in children under two years and recommend that parents restrict it in the older ones to two hours a day. Normal, considering the chilling data. According to the latest studies carried out in USA, children spend so many hours in front of these screens (tablets, smartphones ...) that during the first seven years of life one of them would have dedicated it to this activity.

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