Choose a name for your child, and also a surname!

Choose a name for your child, and also a surname!

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I had always thought that the day it touched mebe a motherBesides the well-being of my baby, one of the biggest headaches I was going to have was deciding on what name I would give my son.

But what a surprise: now it turns out that you also have to decide the order of the surnames! Yet another reason for a family 'discussion'.

In many families like mine, the paternal grandfather's last name is in danger of extinction. Only my brother has the chance to give continuity to the family name, at least one more generation. Well, headaches are over! Grandpa, you can rest assured, the children of your granddaughters will also be able to take your last name first!

With theSpanish Civil Registry Law, parents can decide the order of their children's surnames. The problem comes in the fine print, if we can't agree, the last namesthey will be placed in alphabetical order. And with this method, surnames such as Vargas or Velázquez could disappear in favor of the Álvarezes or the Aparicio. Will all the children end up with the last name Álvarez, Fernández or González and will the Sánchez or Romeros disappear?

Regardless of this controversy, which will still give a lot to talk about, it must be seen as progress because, I wonder, why was it necessary to put the father's last name first and not the mother's? We have always accepted it as normal without stopping to think about the possibility of exchange. Now, in addition to being proud to see that our children sign with their mother's last name, many children will also breathe easy when they see that, thanks to the exchange of their surnames, certain rhymes that can do a lot of damage like "Muelas De Arriba" will be over.

But this is not the case everywhere. In other countries such as Brazil, children first bear the second surname of the mother and then also the second surname of the father. Or in the United States, when you get married, you automatically adopt your husband's last name and lose yours; see Mrs. Obama, how many know that Robinson was her maiden name?

Angela del Caz. Editor of our site

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