Box decorated with cardboard and felt, recycling craft

Box decorated with cardboard and felt, recycling craft

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Organizing children's toys can be quite an odyssey, especially with games full of small pieces. Let's help kids be responsible and have fun with this decorated box kids craft.

It can serve as a small jewelry box, to store small objects or a good gift for mom on her birthday or Mother's Day. Do not miss the opportunity to do manual work with your children to develop their psychomotor skills.

  • A box of shoes, medicines etc.
  • Green card
  • Self-adhesive felt figures (or colored felt)
  • A large trinket
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pencil

1. Use a box of the size you prefer or need. It can be large, like a shoe box, or smaller, like a box for a medicine or a toy.

2. With a ruler, measure a rectangle and draw it with a pencil on the top cover, you can make it the size you prefer. Cut the rectangle only on three sides, to make a cover.

3. Cut out green construction paper to carefully line the box. Put glue on the box, spread it well and go placing the cardboard. Be careful to adjust the card stock so that the lid is not obstructed.

4. Glue a bead to the center of the lid to act as a pull tab. You can also use a rubber ball or a plastic figurine. Another option is to use a piece of wool, make a small hole in the lid, pass the ends and form a loop.

5. Decorate the box with self-adhesive felt figures. You can also cut out felt shapes like flowers, hearts, or animals and glue them together. Let it dry, and you have your box!

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