The name of a baby ... Barça?

The name of a baby ... Barça?

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It is not necessary to even ask the parents of 'Barça' in what they were inspired to give this name to their baby. It is clear that their devotion to the Barça Spanish soccer team was what led them to name their little one. Barcelona, ​​with the number 185.508.

The choice of the name for a son has no limits. When they ask this baby, of young Belgian parents, what his name is, he will answer 'Barça'. Surely more than one of them will find it very strange, but giving babies unusual and increasingly unusual names has been in fashion for some time.

The parents of Barça Beeckman explain that the idea of ​​putting the name of this football club on their baby, came up during a game of the team then led by Pep Guardiola.

The woman was pregnant and told her husband that if she had a child that she would like him to be named Barça. When they found out they were going to have a baby, they did not hesitate. The decision was made. Their family reacted stupidly, but now they are getting used to it. Giving babies weird names arouses not only people's curiosity but also some hilarious jokes and suspicions.

Many people say that 'Barça' seems to be predestined to be someone in the world of football. It will be known in the future. I just wonder if when Barça grows up, because of their own tastes and choice, they choose to want to be a fan of Real Madrid or another football club other than their parents'. What will happen?

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