Baby clothes. Ideas for buying newborn clothes

Baby clothes. Ideas for buying newborn clothes

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Clothing is one of the first elements that the baby will come into contact with when going out to the outside world. Besides being soft and made from natural fabrics, it should be comfortable, for the baby and for the mother.

From the 20th week of pregnancy, when the baby's gender is confirmed by ultrasound, it is a good time to start buying the clothes that the baby will use in the first months of life, taking advantage of the fact that the mother is in the best trimester pregnancy, when the nausea has passed and you still don't feel heavy.

Before going shopping, we must do a planning, since clothes, especially the first year of life, are small in a few weeks.

It's very important check the labels carefully when buying clothes, as it indicates not only the size and composition of the garment, but also the care it requires.

When we go to buy clothes for the baby we must look at 5 basic aspects:

1. The size: baby's clothes are measured in centimeters, according to height, and by months. Most newborn garments start at size 0, which is approximately 50cm. We can no longer use these clothes immediately, so it is advisable to buy clothes at least from size 0-3 months, which is equivalent to about 54 cm. As each manufacturer has its measurements to carve, we must take into account that the French carve smaller while the Americans and those from northern Europe have more generous sizes.

2. Materials: the ideal fibers for making baby clothes are natural, breathable and non-mixed fabrics, such as cotton or linen. It is advisable to avoid artificial fibers as much as possible, since, in addition to being hot, they can cause reactions in the baby's delicate skin. You also have to discard other types of materials such as mohair or angora, because they release hair.

3. Comfort: It is a basic aspect that we must take into account, since the garments that we buy must be comfortable for both the baby and for us, who are going to dress them. The most recommended are crossed bodysuits, little suits and rompers that fasten from top to bottom, on the front with snappers or zippers, and pants also with snappers on the arch of the legs.

We should especially avoid tightly knit collars that can hurt the baby's fragile head when we dress it. The sleeves should be wide, so that they also easily pass through the arms. We must avoid garments with rubber bands, which can squeeze and put the safety of the little one at risk.

4. Quality: As the first months of the baby we do not require a large amount of clothes, it is advisable that the clothes we acquire are of a good quality. Before buying a garment, we must turn it over and check the seams by running our finger through them: they should not itch or scratch. There should be no loose threads either. Also, if you have any embroidery, it should not be marked on the inside.

5. Security: Baby's clothes also have to be safe. It is essential that we check that all the elements, such as buttons or automatic buttons, are perfectly fixed to the garments. We must avoid decorations such as ribbons and bows, which can drown the baby.

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