The first time an albino baby sees her mother

Louise he was born albino. To the typical peculiarities of albinism (very delicate skin, almost white hair ...), another very common problem among type 1 albino children was added: poor pigmentation in the eyes. Louise can barely see. His first months were lived without being able to focus on objects. Not even his mother's face.

It is true that babies develop the sense of sight more slowly. But Louise wasn't able to see. Not even three months old. Not with four. Not with six. That is why they made special glasses for her. Glasses that do not cure his illness, but they do give him a smile. At last he could see his mother's face.

Louise recognized her mother by her voice, her smell, and her caresses. But to her it was just a huge patch of light, a flash, out of focus, and colorless. His vision problems made the world a place of extreme lights, strange and disturbing. Suddenly this little baby from Denver (USA) receives special glasses, made to measure, and his mother's face stops being an intense light. It has color, it has a shape, it has a beauty that I have never seen before. At last he can stop at his gaze. This is your reaction:

Louise freezes when she sees her mother's face for the first time. Until now he had developed other senses in an extraordinary way. His hearing had sharpened and so was touch. I did not know that life could have so many colors. However, these glasses do not cure your disease, they only slightly improve your vision. His type 1 albinism (albinism that affects the eyes, skin and hair), carries with it serious pigmentation problems, also in the eyes.

Louise will have to fight with all her might to overcome many obstacles. Among them, the rejection of the other children. Many albino children are teased by others. Hence the importance of educating children in values, of instilling in them the value of respect for differences, that of empathy and that of tolerance. After all, all babies laugh, cry, and get excited at similar stimuli. And if not, watch how Louis is moved to hear the melancholic song that his mother sings to him.

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Video: Baby with Albinism Sees Mom for First Time with Glasses (January 2022).