A baby with three biological parents

A baby with three biological parents

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A law has just been passed in the UK that allows the use of the DNA of three different people to conceive a baby using an assisted reproductive technique. This system, also known as mitochondrial donation It will allow a mother with a genetic disease, not to pass it on to her children. The debate in England is served, on the one hand, advocates of avoiding rare mitochondrial disorders in children, on the other, those who think that it is about doing 'children on demand'.

The system is based on extracting the nucleus of the ovum from the mother's cell and transplanting it into the healthy ovum of another woman.Then, it is fertilized with the father's sperm and implanted in the mother. Thus, it is intended that the woman who carries a mitochondrial disease transmits her DNA to her child, preventing her from carrying those mitochondrial diseases that are in her genes.

Mitochondrial diseases are those that result when there is a deficiency of one or more proteins in the body's mitochondria. These diseases can cause damage to cells in the brain, heart, bones, or liver. and it can affect the person causing loss of balance, epilepsy, blindness, deafness, diabetes, heart disease, liver ...

For many English women with a mitochondrial disease, this legislation represents the culmination of their dream of having a baby that does not suffer from the same health problems or even to be able to have it since more than 150 couples a year lose their babies due to mitochondrial disease.

Nevertheless, the Church is radically opposed because, among other reasons, the technique involves the destruction of the embryo, that is, according to them, two embryos have to be destroyed to get a third and they believe that it lays the foundations for the 'baby design'. Some scientists also reject this technique since it is unknown the impact that carrying DNA from two different mothers will have on a baby.

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