Why deliveries are early

Why deliveries are early

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The average duration of pregnancy is 40 weeks, which begins on the first day of the last menstruation. A full-term delivery is one that occurs between weeks 37 and 42. If the baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy, the delivery is considered premature.

In Spain it is estimated that 10% of children are born prematurely and more and more do it when the gestation has not reached the 34th week, which increases the risk for the baby, since there is no lung maturity.

The causes of preterm labor are multiple, some risk factors are the following:

Twin pregnancies. 20 percent of multiple gestations end before the 37th week. In vitro fertilization increases the chances of twin pregnancies.

- The race. Some studies indicate that preterm births are up to three to four times more frequent in black women than in white women.

- Uncontrolled pregnancies. This causes them to have more alterations that are not controlled in time and the risk of premature birth is high.

- Maternal diseases. Such as hypertension, heart disease or diabetes and, also if you have previously suffered premature births or miscarriages, it is thought that it can be repeated.

- Vaginal and urinary infections that are not properly treated. The inflammation caused by the infection favors the production of prostaglandins, hormones that are responsible for initiating contractions and dilation. Their presence can trigger labor earlier than expected.

- Complications during pregnancy. Bleeding, pre-eclampsia (a serious condition related to an excessive increase in blood pressure), excess amniotic fluid, detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall or rupture of the bag of waters can cause premature labor .

- Age and weight. Labor may be early when the pregnant woman is too young (under 18 years old) or over 40 years old. The baby can also arrive earlier when the expectant mother has a very low body mass index.

- Unhealthy habits. Taking drugs, alcohol, smoking, gaining weight, or experiencing acute stress during pregnancy increases the risk of preterm labor.

- High stress: Sometimes situations of prolonged stress or even some great upset or fright, can cause the labor to be advanced.

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