How to enjoy Carnival with children

How to enjoy Carnival with children

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When I think of Carnival, words like fantasy, imagination and joy always come to mind. In my house, my brothers, my parents and I have always dressed up during Carnival time.

Perhaps that is why I have always thought that this popular party is a good occasion to become a character we admire or simply like. My daughter, when she was little, also loved to dress up.

The fact of having the opportunity to dress up and thus dress up as a favorite character makes children enjoy an intense and fun experience. They have a great time both in the choice of costumeas in its preparation and subsequent use. If you have not yet had the opportunity to test this experience with your child, I suggest you do so. You'll see how everyone will enjoy it.

What should be taken into account when preparing for Carnival? It is not necessary to give much thought to the subject. There is nothing to worry about, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Here are some suggestions for organizing a carnival party with children:

- The first thing you should think about is the place where you are going to have a Carnival party. Whether in the living room, in the garage, or in a park or outdoor garden. Having decided that, it's time to think about which friends of your son are going to invite. You can, if you want, create the invitations manually, even if you are few. Ask your child to draw the invitations on poster board. The more colors you use, the prettier the invitations will be.

- Made the invitations, now is the time of the decoration. It does not require much expense. You can, with some sheets of crepe paper of various colors, make simple ornaments such as garlands, etc. In addition, you can decorate the environment with streamers, confetti and balloons of many colors.

- For the party to be successful, what the children are going to eat is very important. But don't mess around. A few sandwiches, snacks and some typical carnival sweets are enough.

- And now is the time of the costumes. You can ask your child to ask his friends to come dressed up. Costumes for girls, boys and babies, there are them to get bored. Ideas are not lacking, of course, in the imagination of children. It is also important that children can wear makeup, depending on the costume they are wearing.

- In a Carnival party you cannot miss games as well as other activities for children. Dancing and singing are what they ask the most. Then they can have a pageant or costume parade, or karaoke. Well, I wish you luck. You will already tell us how you usually enjoy Carnival with your children.

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