The best fashion of this summer for babies and children, in Kiabi

The best fashion of this summer for babies and children, in Kiabi

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Summer is approaching and, although we still have spring days of rain and sun, we are already beginning to see more light and less gray skies. So before the season fully enters, it is time to renew the "Children's Wardrobe"

The light pants of last year are no longer worth them, the polo shirts have lost color from so many washes and the summer t-shirts of summer 2014 have become "crop tops" ... and it is not the plan. In the face of all these problems, I have found the solution in a single store, Kiabi, in which I also save a good amount of money.

For boys, girls and babies, they have great things, and you can mix basics in many colors, with trendy clothes: A jean dungarees with a colored t-shirt, light chinos with a polo shirt, slim fit denim and a light blouse and even a full color dress! All styles are possible: Urban, classic, sport, preppy ... Dare and dress your children in fashion.

Put your children in fashion with Kiabi

In Kiabi they also have a website with the entire store collection plus exclusive collections that you will only have on the web. I know what you are thinking: How am I going to buy on the web for a child, without trying first? Well, all resolved! You can make a "Web Reservation": choose your clothes online, reserve them and ask for delivery at your nearest store. They let you know as soon as it arrives and you can go and try it. What looks good on your little one, you take with you ... what doesn't, stays there! (E-booking is always possible with a basket from € 15)

In addition, at Kiabi they cover all ages, from 0 to 12 years old, and even size M for our teenagers (up to 18 years old). They also have a Size + category for girls and boys, for children who have grown faster they also have the same collection with an adapted size. And I'm not even talking about the accessories, costumes and different brands that you will find on the web!

Go to a Kiabi store, go to the web, they make it easy for you, you find everything and if not, they help you with a smile! At Kiabi, spring is not only dressed, but also lived!

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