Songs to play with the baby on your lap

Songs to play with the baby on your lap

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Lap games were already used by our grandmothers of our grandmothers with their babies to, perhaps without knowing it, strengthen the bond with their child, to establish personal communication with the little one, to stimulate interaction with their baby or to enhance contact visual and learning of the child through these songs and games. Also, the reason may have been simply to have a good time and make the baby laugh.

The songs to play with the baby on the lap are none other than the traditional melodies that, with slight variations in the lyrics, are used by parents in many countries around the world while rocking, rocking or tickling the child.

Putting the baby on the lap is a very normal act that parents do every day with their babies for many reasons: to feed them, to read them a story, to talk to them or to hold them if they still cannot walk. Also, we can sit the children on our lap to play and sing.

Sawdust: we put the baby in our lap facing us, we grab him by the little hands and we rock him back and forth while we sing this little song. As the baby gets older, the rocking may also be more exaggerated. Children almost love to turn upside down.

Sawdust, sawdust,
the woods of San Juan,
they ask for bread, they don't give it,
they ask for cheese, they give it a bone,
they ask for wine if they give it,
they get dizzy and leave.

The song of the handymen: we sit the baby on our knees we can put him both facing where we are, and to the opposite side, and we put our hands within reach of his sight while we do what the song indicates.

Little by little, you can also repeat the gestures.

I take out a hand and make her dance
I close it, open it and put it back
I take out another hand and make her dance
I close it, open it and put it back
I take out the two little hands and make them dance
I close them, open them and put them back.

Malmitic palms: the child sits on our lap facing us or we can also put him in the opposite direction. We grab him by the hand and help him clap.

Little by little, we will try to make him applaud by himself. At the end of the song we can tickle the baby's tummy, the next time you sing the song, he will wait with a smile, the moment of tickling.

Palms, palms,
figs and chestnuts,
sugar and nougat
for my child they are.

Five little wolves: we sit the baby on the lap facing us and wave our hand from side to side while we sing this song.

Five little wolves
has the wolf,
five little wolves,
behind the broom.
Five little wolves,
five gave birth,
five raised,
and at five,
At the five
titita gave them.

The song of the horse: With the baby or child on our knees and looking at each other, we begin to sing the song while carefully raising our legs up and down.

Depending on whether we walk, trot or gallop, we move our legs with more speed. The baby will want to repeat the song of the horse over and over again, and he can also learn the difference between slow and fast.

On a gray horse (child's name) he went to Paris,
step, step, step ...
trot, trot, trot ...
gallop, gallop, gallop ...

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