Time to teach children to share

Time to teach children to share

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Some personality traits are innate, but children need an education in values ​​to develop certain social skills and to be able to interact with other children in a healthy way. Teach children to share it is essential to guarantee the social and educational development of the child. But when is the best time for children to learn to share?

Your child does not allow another child to touch his favorite toy and you scold him because he does not want to let him. Do not think that your child is selfish, he may not be ready yet to start sharing his things. For this reason, it is not advisable for you to punish or censor his ungenerous attitude. Because the child cannot learn to share alone, it must be taught.

Discovering when your child is ready to share is not easy. It generally occurs between four or five years. Before that age, it is very difficult to make the child understand that he will be happier if he shares his things with others. But you have to bear in mind that each child follows their own pace of development and it is best to observe when they begin to need the closeness of other children. That will be the time to start teaching sharing.

Sharing is part of those social skills that you should teach your child to be happier but, like any learning, you will need patience and a lot of time. It is essential that the child see the example in the elderly, so you should check if your concept of sharing is the same as you want inculcate to your son. Little by little, he convinces the child that he will be able to enjoy his toys more if he does it in company, so it is okay to lend that stroller to another child for a moment.

Talk to him about how generous he is when he lets another child play with his things, about his good heart, and how happy you are about his progress. But don't punish him if sharing costs a little more sometimes. You can also help her learn to share by preparing various snacks, for example, and you propose to invite a couple of children. So you will see that to share it is something for everyone that involves children and adults.

You must be very careful in Do not press your child to share absolutely everything. Maybe he has a toy or some clothes that he does not want to lend because he has a special affection for him. You must also respect that. And you can also teach him that sharing is not just about material things, a toy, clothes, or food. Even more important is learning to share time, feelings, experiences, stories or concerns.

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