Most popular boy names for 2015 in Bolivia

Most popular boy names for 2015 in Bolivia

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name due to the many options that exist. While some choose to follow the family tradition in names for boy, others prefer to innovate and look for a more modern name for their baby.

We know the trend in Bolivia for boy names in 2015 and the most popular names combine tradition with today, choosing names of always but with a renewed air. These are the most popular boy names in Bolivia for 2015.

1. Juan Carlos. The Hebrew origin of Juan joins the Germanic origin of Carlos, which means 'strong man', to form one of the most popular compound names in the Hispanic world. Its strength is such that it never goes out of style.

2. Hugo. It is a name of Germanic origin with a meaning related to the 'intelligence'. Despite being known since ancient times, the name has not been used much until now, which is placed on the list of frequent names in many countries.

3. Antonio. The name has an Etruscan origin and a meaning of 'the one who faces his enemies'. It is one of the most frequent names in the world and its popularity never diminishes due to the air of dignity it contains.

4. Michelangelo. The Hebrew origin of Michael is joined by the Greek origin of Angel, which means 'delivery courier', in one of the most evocative compound names for boys. It is a charismatic name with all the force of the Renaissance artist.

5. Paul. This name is of Latin origin and means 'little'. It is one of the names that has become more powerful in recent years because it is modern, sophisticated and provides a great personality.

6. David. It is a name that has a Hebrew origin and a meaning of 'the one who is loved'. Although it is a traditional name, it has not been worn down by use and this year it is once again on the list of most popular names for boys.

7. Mario. The name is of Latin origin and its meaning is related to 'war', since it comes from the Roman god Mars. It is a name that comes in strongly for this year because it is elegant and with a very original touch.

8. Fernando. This name has a Germanic origin and means 'dared'. It is a name with a long tradition that preserves its strength intact, which is why we almost always find it in the lists of frequent names.

9. José Manuel. In this compound name of Hebrew origin, the meaning of 'abundance' of Joseph along with the meaning of 'God accompanies us' of Manuel. It is a traditional name with a great personality that never goes out of style.

10. Victor. The name is of Latin origin and its meaning speaks of 'triumph'. He is one of the most eloquent names and with that special charisma that keeps him original and fresh at all times.

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