We are reborn with children at Christmas

We are reborn with children at Christmas

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Christmas is the reason for new resolutions, changes, hope, improvements and hopes for the future. Children help us with their drive to renew all these perspectives, renewing our purposes.

This spirit that permeates all of Christmas lasts us all year long and whenever we get a little way off the road we remember our Christmas promises.

This is how each generation has been doing it every Christmas at home, with family and with friends as a tradition with long centuries old. And it is that the word Christmas comes from Latin and means Birth, and with this meaning we renew every year our hope in a better world for centuries, since Christmas Day was officially recognized in the year 345, although it was not until the Age Middle when Christmas turned into a holiday celebrated by singing Christmas carols.

These songs, the Christmas carols, are songs that are sung at Christmas to celebrate the birth of the Child Jesus. This custom has its origin in the Middle Ages and is kept in memory of the many prophets who announced the birth of the Child Jesus. The villagers, the villains, were the ones who adapted the ancient hymns and songs in Latin with which the Church remembered the arrival of Jesus, transforming them into very warm songs. It is precisely those songs that are known today as Christmas carols. The former originated, it is believed, in England, at the time of Henry I, the songs were in Latin and enlivened the parties of the Court.

The first Christmas that was celebrated in America was the same year of the discovery, on December 25, 1492. According to the story, Columbus was carrying out a reconnaissance of the archipelagos of the area, when a bad maneuver irreparably damaged the caravel “Santa María ”. The natives helped him rescue the cargo and build a fort where part of the crew would stay. The ship's timbers were used to build the fort, and it was completed on December 25. For that reason, the fort was called "Fort Christmas" (Nativity). There they celebrated Christmas of 1492 with great emotion.

They did not have a turkey for Christmas dinner that year, as the tradition of roast turkey on Christmas Eve came a little later. According to the chronicles, the Christmas Eve turkey had its origin in Mexico in the century. XVI. The Aztecs made Hernán Cortés try it, who liked it and took it to Spain.

Those who tried it were also unable to tell their friends and family on the other side of the Atlantic, as the Christmas cards date back to the 19th century. Apparently they were invented by Sir Henry Cole, who in 1843 commissioned a painter friend to draw for him and paint a Christmas scene, which he would later have reproduced in a printing press. He used these drawn cards to write short happy wishes to his friends and family and sent them by mail.

As you can see, everything at Christmas is related to tradition and with our best wishes for happiness. The Birth sets the standard for the renewal of purposes and goals.

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