Why children like to sleep outside the home

Why children like to sleep outside the home

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Sleeping away from home can be quite an adventure for the little ones in the house since it is undoubtedly an experience that enriches them in addition to being fun. Giving this opportunity is undoubtedly an event for the little ones who will enjoy it very much.

Usually It is from the age of six that the child can be ready to sleep away from home and share this experience by interacting with other children his age, something that will help him to reinforce his self-esteem and to create stronger and lasting bonds and emotional ties with others.

As in all the first times to something (it also does not happen to adults), the first time a child goes to spend the night away from home, they are likely to feel a certain fear so that everything goes well, that is why the role is so important of the parents before this important event to solve their possible fears.

When the child experiences this fear of sleeping away from home You should not avoid going through this since the fact that the child is able to sleep outside will make him believe internally and realize that it was not a cause for nerves, so surely and after a fun night he wants to repeat that type adventure more times.

But neither do you have to demand that they go or console them too much about the situation, especially you have to normalize it and give you confidence that everything will be fine ... being overprotective will never help good child development.

But it is true that if the child does not want to go to a camp or a friend's house to sleep at all because he still does not feel ready, you will not have to be forced in any case because it can be just as counterproductive as forbidding him to do so when he does want to enhance this experience.

As in other developmental skills, each child has their own rhythm and their decisions must be respected. If he does not want to do it one day, you can try another and in between talk to him to find out exactly what his fears are, but we will have to wait until he feels prepared for himself.

It is also essential talk to him before the special night and prepare everything for when you go out to sleep. Then it is essential to ask him how he feels and to encourage him in this adventure. You are surely looking forward to it!

You also have to give him the confidence that if he needs something he can call by phone, but to feel safe he should know what will happen so the more organized the night the better. It is also important that the friend's parents or camp monitors are told what the child's needs, tastes or preferences have so that they take this into account and thus avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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