Lactose Intolerance: A Desired Diagnosis

Lactose Intolerance: A Desired Diagnosis

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It is very important to identify lactose intolerance at the earliest age possible. Lactose is a sugar present in almost all mammalian milk, and more and more children are being diagnosed with their intolerance, an issue that complicates the feeding of our child somewhat, since a large part of the products made are dairy and contain lactose.

A timely diagnosis is very relevant, and if not, we can ask Casey Stoner, MotoGP world champion. After numerous discomforts and many headaches, her doctor finally told her that she had a lactose intolerance. With a new diet, coupled with a period of rest, he managed to regain his health to return to action in full power and very happy to know the cause of his disorders.

As a wise doctor I know says: "There is no one completely healthy, it is just that they are undiagnosed." If the correct and early diagnosis of lactose allergy goes through a world champion, I wonder how many babies and children with lactose intolerance (or other substances) there are undiagnosed, while their parents sense that something is happening to them, without knowing what is the cause and the solution. In this case, it would be enough to eliminate lactose from the child's diet. Recognizing some symptoms that may indicate a possible lactose intolerance can be helpful and if you have any suspicions in this regard, you should go to your pediatrician to carry out the relevant tests on your child.

There are different degrees of lactose intolerance and the most frequent symptoms are:

- Abdominal discomfort: pain, spasms or swelling
- Diarrhea with acid stools
- Constipation. In children, prolonged constipation accompanied by difficulty and pain when evacuating can be a sign of lactose intolerance.
- Flatulence
- vomiting
- irascible behavior, although it does not coincide exactly with the moment in which the baby or child takes milk.

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