Virgin Mary figure. Recycled nativity scene craft for Christmas

Virgin Mary figure. Recycled nativity scene craft for Christmas

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The Belen It is part of the traditional Christmas decoration, so in GuiaInfantil We invite you to make your own homemade nativity scene with recycled materials, a different and fun activity for children.

With some pots of liquid yogurt you can make your own figures for the Nativity scene, we show you step by step how to make a figure of the Virgin Mary to decorate at Christmas.

  • 1 bottle of liquid yogurt
  • 1 polystyrene ball
  • Scissors and glue
  • Pins
  • Pencil, marker and brush
  • Blue and pink paint
  • Pink felt
  • Yellow and brown wool
  • 1 toothpick

1. Clean a bottle of liquid yogurt, dry it and paint it blue.

2. Paint the Styrofoam ball flesh pink, glue and glue it to the top of the jar, above the opening.

3. Cut a brown wool thread and tie it in the boat to make the belt. Cut several threads of yellow wool, join them in the center making a knot with another thread to make the hair.

4. Cut out a semicircle of pink felt. Pin the hair into the styrofoam ball, and top it with the pink felt.

5. Draw the face of the Virgin Mary, and that's it!

This craft has been made byLaura Platas, of Juice Animations.

Video: DIY Christmas Nativity Scene For Indoors (May 2022).


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