Legal norms of adoption in Peru

Legal norms of adoption in Peru

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If you want adopt a baby You should bear in mind that the adoption processes vary according to your place of residence. Peru is one of the countries where adoptions are most active, both domestic and international. However, the process is long in order to guarantee all the rights of the child to be adopted.

To adopt a baby in Peru you have to go to the National Adoption Secretariats (SNA) which depends on the Ministry of Women and Social Development. The entire adoption process consists of three stages: a first pre-adoptive or evaluative stage, the adoptive stage and the follow-up stage.

The legal norms to adopt a baby in Peru do not differ much from the norms of adoption in other neighboring countries. Preference is given to the marriages Before single people and the age of the adopted minor will depend on the age of the adoptive parents, as well as the number of biological children the couple has.

The first steps to adopt the baby go through processing the usual documents such as the birth certificate, the marriage certificate, the criminal record, a medical exam More exhaustive than in other countries, the income statement and photographs of the house where the adopted child is going to reside.

Following the trend of any adoption body and as is the case in all countries, a psychological, social and economic evaluation is necessary. Those parents who want to adopt a child in Peru must demonstrate your suitability, their ability to provide the minor with a healthy and caring environment and to guarantee the right of any child to have a family.

The peculiarity that Peru presents in the adoption processes compared to other countries is that there is a strict adoption criterion according to age of the minor and the age of the adopting parents. This criterion seeks the best adaptation of the child in his new family.

- To adopt a baby up to 3 years, parents are sought from 25 and 43 years.

- To adopt a child from 3 to 5 years, the age range of the adoptive parents is between 43 and 51 years.

- To adopt children from more than 5 years, it is preferable that parents have between 51 and 55 years. These children over 5 years of age will also be the most easily adopted by single people or widows and couples with more than 2 biological children.

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