The bunny and the hunter. Children's story about enuresis

The bunny and the hunter. Children's story about enuresis

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Stories not only amuse and entertain children, stories can educate them in every way. Through stories, children can change wrong behaviors and behaviors, can create awareness and awaken a critical sense of their own experiences. This tale of 'The bunny and the hunter' You can help children identify why after diaper removal he continues to urinate on himself, and also encourage them not to continue to do so.

Once upon a time there was a bunny who peed at night. Every time he peed, the hunting dogs easily followed his trail and chased the group of bunnies. No bunny wanted to play with him, his friends told him:

- You have to stop peeing or one day they will discover us and hunt us down. The bunny began to feel very lonely, and was very afraid that the hunter would discover them.

The bunny mother, seeing him so sad, encouraged him and said:

- Do not worry, when you get older you will surely stop peeing, but you have to try to erase the trail you leave. Dad and I are going to help you, and so are your little brothers.

Little by little, the bunny's parents were teaching him how to erase his trace of pee, they helped him to trust himself and not be sad when he peed.

His little brothers entertained him so that he did not worry so much, they gave him lots of encouragement and support.

Thanks to the solidarity of his family, the bunny understood that he could be responsible for not peeing, and with patience he overcame his problems.

After a few weeks, the bunny stopped peeing and was able to play with his friends again without fear of being followed by the hunter.


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