Sea lions improve the quality of life of autistic children

Sea lions improve the quality of life of autistic children

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Another door is being opened to improve the quality of life for autistic and motor-impaired children. The Río Safari Foundation, in Elche (Alicante) is committed to a pioneering experience in the world. Sea lions interact with children between three and eight years of age to improve their psychomotor and emotional abilities.

These friendly, sociable and docile animals they are intelligent and have a very positive behavior towards children. The therapy begins with the adaptation of children to the water through games in which not only one of their parents participate, but also trainers, psychologists and therapists. The children then perform individual mobility and relaxation exercises in the water, and only afterwards meet their marine friends, two five-year-olds trained to contact people.

It is a playful, unique and well-being experience in which the sea lions help the child relax, to socialize more easily, and to have better coordination of their movements. The activities take place in a heated pool at the Rio Safari Zoo.

The fact that a child participates in this therapy does not separate him from other treatments such as physical therapy or early stimulation. The therapy with the sea lions is just a complement to the treatment that children will be able to experience during these months of vacation, in 18 sessions of 45 minutes each.

Until now, the professional team that leads this work is observing everything with good eyes, mainly in relation to the self-control of these children who show, after the therapy sessions, less anxiety about the unknown and more confidence. Therapies with animals, dogs, horses, and now sea lions, are giving good results in patients with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. That shows how much we have to learn from them.

Interaction with animals It is a very rich experience in all aspects, especially for children. I have a dog and I could tell you and make a huge list of the things he does to make my daughter feel happy, but I think few would believe me. Only who has a dog would understand me.

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