Pregnancy menu. Fifth month

Pregnancy menu. Fifth month

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Once the middle of pregnancy is over, it is essential to take care of your diet. The gut of women is becoming more prominent and weight gain is considerable, so a healthy and balanced diet will help the well-being of the pregnant woman.

The nutritionistCristina Abascal,Collaborator of Guiainfantil, advises and helps pregnant women with their weekly menus. Below you can find a series of diets for the fifth month of pregnancy.

InGuiainfantil we provide you with the four menus corresponding to thefifth month of pregnancy. Healthy and balanced diets for the beginning of pregnancy.

Menu for week 18 of pregnancy. Healthy menu for the eighteenth week of pregnancy. Weekly diet for pregnant women. Feeding for week 18 of gestation. what to eat during pregnancy.

Menu for week 19 of pregnancy. Healthy and balanced menu for week 19 of pregnancy. Week by week diets for pregnant women. What to eat during pregnancy. Feeding at week 19 of gestation.

Menu for week 20 of pregnancy. Balanced menu for the twentieth week of gestation. Feeding week by week during pregnancy. Ecuador of pregnancy.

Menu for week 21 of pregnancy. Healthy and balanced menu for the 21st week of pregnancy. Weekly diets for pregnant women. Feeding in pregnancy week by week.

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