How to teach the child to recognize bad influences

How to teach the child to recognize bad influences

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Children, sooner or later, will encounter this problem: not everyone with whom we interact benefits us. When our son's friend does not share the values ​​that we want to instill in our son, we are facing a case of bad influence. In this case, it is very important to create an emotional bond between parents and children, prioritizing communication, so that if the child ever feels that he has a problem, he knows that he can count on his parents for everything and at all times.

But it is also extremely important that parents know how to educate the child so that he knows how to recognize if a friend is a bad or a good influence, and this is achieved above all by educating the little one so that they have their own decision-making capacity and criteria.

To ensure that your child knows how to recognize bad influences and above all know that in addition to deciding for himself he can count on his parents at all times, it is important to take into account the following aspects in his education and in different situations:

- Try to find the reason why boys can be influenced by bad company and assess why it can happen. It is important that if your child is with bad influences, you know why it happens and then solve this problem. For example, if your child does it because he lacks the confidence in himself to resist the influence and pressure of the group, you should think about how to help your son to gain confidence in himself.

- Promotes a variety of friends So that your child has many different friends and understands the diversity between people, so he can also value the different attitudes and ideas that may exist.

- Promotes individuality and independence of your child, to achieve this you must be the best example of your child and show the importance that each one has as a unique and unrepeatable person. Children will learn to say no to their friends if they see parents in solving problems even under social pressure, suggesting other alternatives or using assertive communication to explain why they do not agree on something.

- Educate firmly and flexibly. It is important that your children know that at home there are well-established rules and limits, but that sometimes there will be flexibility as long as all parts of the family are happy with the joint decision.

- When your child acts appropriately, you should never forget to praise his good behavior, this way it is easier for him to repeat it.

If your child in spite of everything gets carried away by bad influences, you should make him see that his actions will have negative consequences, how? Taking away privileges such as reducing the time to leave, fixing the mistake you have made, etc. If you feel that the matter begins to get more complicated than necessary, you will have to ask a professional for help.

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