Rapunzel. Children's stories for children

Rapunzel. Children's stories for children

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Once upon a time there was a couple who had wanted a baby for a long time. One day, the woman felt her wish finally! it was going to be done. His house had a small window in the back, from which he could see a garden full of beautiful flowers and all kinds of plants.

It was surrounded by a high wall and no one dared to enter because there lived a witch. One day, looking out into the garden, the woman noticed a tree laden with splendid apples that looked so fresh that she longed to eat them.

Her desire grew day by day and since she thought she would never be able to eat them, she began to weaken, lose weight, and became ill. Her husband, worried, decided to carry out the woman's wishes.

In the dead of night the man crossed the wall and entered the witch's garden. He quickly picked up some of those red apples and ran to give them to his wife.

Immediately the woman started eating them and getting hot. But her desire increased, and to keep her satisfied, her husband decided to return to the orchard to pick more apples.

But when he jumped the wall, he came face to face with the witch. "Are you the thief of my apples?" said the angry witch. Trembling with fear, the man explained to the witch that he had to do it to save his wife's life.

Then the witch said, "If what you have told me is true, I will allow you to pick as many apples as you want, but in return you have to give me the son that your wife is going to have. I will be his mother."

The man was so terrified that he accepted. When his wife gave birth to a little girl, the witch came to his house and took her away. She was beautiful and her name was Rapunzel.

When she was twelve years old, the witch locked her in a tower in the middle of a closed forest. The tower had no stairs or doors, just a small window at the top. Every time the witch wanted to climb to the top of the tower, she would stand under the window and shout: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, throw your braid!

Rapunzel had thick long hair, golden like the sun. Whenever she heard the witch's call, she loosed her hair, tied it into braids, and let it fall to the ground.

Then the witch would climb up the braid and climb up to the window. One day a prince, who was riding through the forest, passed by the tower and heard such a glorious song that he came close to listen. The one who sang was Rapunzel. Drawn by such a melodious voice, the prince sought to enter the tower but all to no avail.

However, the song had reached so deep in his heart that he returned to the forest every day to listen to it. One of those days, he saw the witch approach the foot of the tower.

The prince hid behind a tree to watch and heard her say: "! Rapunzel! Rapunzel !, toss your braid!" Rapunzel dropped her long braid and the witch climbed up to the window. Thus, the prince knew how he could climb the tower.

The next day at dusk, he went to the tower and called: "Rapunzel! Rapunzel!" Throw your braid! "Rapunzel's hair fell immediately and the prince went up. At first Rapunzel was scared, but the prince He gently told her that he had heard her sing and that her sweet melody had stolen his heart.

Then Rapunzel forgot her fear. The prince asked her if she would like to be his wife to which she agreed immediately and without much thought because she was in love with the prince and because she was eager to leave the domain of that evil witch who had her imprisoned in that dark castle.

The prince came to visit her every night and the witch, who came only during the day, knew nothing. Until one day, when the witch was going down the braid, she heard Rapunzel say that she weighed more than the prince.

The witch reacted by screaming, "So you've been cheating on me?" Furious, the witch decided to cut off all of Rapunzel's hair, leaving her in a distant place to live alone. Returning to the tower, the witch hid behind a tree until she saw the prince arrive and call Rapunzel.

Then enraged, the witch came out of hiding and said: "You have lost Rapunzel forever. You will never see her again." So the prince was devastated. In addition, the witch applied a spell to him, leaving the prince blind.

Unable to return to his castle, the prince ended up living for many years in the forest until one day, by chance, he arrived at the lonely place where Rapunzel lived.

Upon hearing the melodious voice, he turned to her. When he was close, Rapunzel recognized him. When she saw him she went crazy with joy, but was sad when she realized her blindness.

She huged him sweetly and cried. Her tears fell on the eyes of the blind prince and immediately his eyes filled with light and he could see again as before. So, happy to be reunited with their love, the two got married and lived very happily.


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