Sweet recipes shaped like a Christmas tree

Sweet recipes shaped like a Christmas tree

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Christmas recipes for kids

Christmas tree shaped Christmas recipe ideas for kids


In addition to being appetizing, these shortbreads are very colorful and are sure to attract the attention of children. What do you think if we ride with them a rich Christmas tree? In addition, it puts a cherry in the middle, better than better, because they will have a more Christmas air.

For these Christmas holidays, proposes to assemble this sweet and exquisite Christmas tree with the children, for the dessert of the dinner or the Christmas meal.

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What things can we do with the children for Christmas, right? This star cookie tree, whether to decorate a wall or a tray for children to share in the Christmas dessert, is very easy and comfortable to prepare with them. Cookies are made in the shape of stars and then we decorate them well with some syrup of water and sugar, or with white chocolate or even with a layer of white fondant. He proposes a recipe that all children are sure to love: a Christmas tree with lots of stars.

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Pineapple, tangerines, kiwis, grapes ... you can start by using these fruits to make this rich and healthy Christmas tree for children's dessert. The fruits are washed and then cut according to what we see in the image.

To assemble the tree, use toothpicks and a tube made from the center of the pineapple or any other fruit, and poke the fruit until it is completely filled. Apart from the fruits, you can also make olive and cheese skewers and mix them between the fruits. What do you think of this Christmas dessert?

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In the same way that you can make cookies to hang and decorate the Christmas tree, you can also make cookies to mount a Christmas tree on the wall or on the children's dessert plate. This cheerful and sweet Christmas tree is all made of cookies in different shapes: stars, hearts, snowflakes, Christmas balls, etc.

The cookies are made and then you decorate them with either syrup or fondant. With the help of a thread, draw a tree on the wall, filling all the space with superimposed, edible cookies. Kids will love this idea. Do you dare to do it?

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You can mount this tree on an elongated plate or on a tray so that all the children can share it. With some tricks decorated with different and cheerful colors, we can assemble this original and curious Christmas tree for the children's Christmas dessert.

To do this, you will only have to make chocolate truffles of the same size. Then, coat each truffle in blue and colored noodles, as well as in grated coconut. They will look like Christmas balls!

The next step is to mount the tree on the plate or tray. A quick and easy recipe to make with children.

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If you like the panettoni, the Italian sweet bread made of dough with crystallized or candied fruits and raisins, you will surely also like this Christmas tree all made with panettone. The panettone is made and when it is done and cold, the tambourine or pantheons are cut into slices 1.5 to 2 cm thick, so that 8 irregular points of stars emerge.

To assemble the Christmas tree, you will only have to put the pass, then assemble slice by slice, avoiding that the points of the stars coincide. To finish, melt a white chocolate tablet and with it decorate the tips of the stars, putting a chocolate chip on each of them.

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Kids will be licking their fingers when they enjoy this rich and healthy Christmas dessert. A tree all made of kiwi and pomegranate. The kiwis are peeled, then cut into slices. With the help of a wooden stick, carefully prick the tips of each kiwi slice, giving it the shape of a Christmas tree. Then, to add a touch of color, as if they were Christmas balls, sprinkle grains of pomegranate. An exquisite and very healthy dessert for children.

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A Christmas tree cannot be sweeter and more exquisite than this one, all made with gingerbread cookies of different sizes. To make it, you just have to prepare a dough for the gingerbread cookie, cut them out with different star molds and assemble them in the shape of a Christmas tree.

To assemble the tree, you will need round cookies that will be placed between one star and another. And to make them stick, use a syrup of water and sugar.

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Wash the strawberries and pat them dry. Remove the top and fill with melted white chocolate. When it is almost dry, coat it in granulated sugar. With the help of wooden toothpicks and a cork tube, pack the strawberries into a long and sweet Christmas tree.

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This sweet and luscious Christmas tree is all made with a brownie. Make a simple chocolate cake, in a large enough source so that the dough is as thin as possible. When it is done, with the help of a star-shaped pasta cutter, in different sizes, cut the cake.

Before assembling the tree, decorate the edges of each star with a syrup of water and sugar. When the syrup dries, with the help of a wooden stick, the tree is assembled, from the largest star to the smallest. Don't forget to cut out a Christmas star.

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