How to instill study habits in children

How to instill study habits in children

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Having good study habits largely determines children's academic success. Like any habit, this one takes time, effort, and practice.

Fathers, mothers and other educators can teach children this habit from a young age: creating work and study routines, teaching them to plan, motivating them and recognizing their effort.

We tell you 10 ideas of how and when to instill some good study habits in children, to make it easier for them to optimize their time and effort, and to have better academic performance.

1. Start small
Studying is a habit and as such it can be learned. Parents, teachers and other educators we can and must teach it. The sooner we start, the better results we will get.

2. Create a work-study routine
To create a habit, repetition is necessary. We should not wait for children to bring homework so that they sit down each day for a little while to study, read or write. Find them fun little chores that they can do when they don't have homework.

3. Enable a place for study
You are looking for a comfortable, beautiful, pleasant place to carry out your tasks, whatever it may be (painting, writing, reading, ...) In this place you should have everything you need at hand: paper, colors, pencils, crayons, ...

4. Plan and organize tasks
Help your children learn to organize and plan their tasks. Teach them to create a list of what to do and the order they will follow. Teachers, psychopedagogues and psychologists always advise to start with the most difficult and end with something simpler.

5. To motivate
It is important that children are motivated to do their homework. There is nothing better than to make them see how much they are progressing, no matter how little, so that they will have more desire to continue.

6. Create interests
Children pay more attention, are more motivated and perform better if what they do interests them. Finding out their interests and linking them to the study will make it that much more attractive.

7. Make it fun
Especially with younger children.

8. Avoid distractions
We must avoid any type of distraction, especially the TV should be turned off, and leave any type of game for later. Remove anything that could distract him from around him.

9. Recognize effort and perseverance
Praise and attention from adults are great motivators, as well as being the best prizes we can give to children.

10. Practice, practice and practice
Habits are generated by repetition. At first it may cost a bit. Children prefer to play or watch TV instead of studying, but as they get into the daily routine of sitting down to do their homework, it will cost less and less.

Remember that your attitude as a father, mother or educator is just as important as these 10 ideas for children to acquire the habit of studying. Do not be angry, do not quarrel, do not raise your voice. They are learning and it is normal for them to make mistakes.

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