Children need privacy

Children need privacy

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We all need at some point to be alone, to spend time alone to think or to relax. Sometimes the hustle and bustle, noise, work haunts us and we do not find this moment for ourselves, to do what we please or to put our ideas, projects or concerns in order. Children, in the same way, need to have their own space to do and undo, without being interrupted.

Parents and siblings must know how to respect this own space in which they imagine, create, draw, play, and talk to themselves. These moments are essential for children and do not mean that the child has an individualistic attitude or isolation from others, they only need a quiet and lonely, sought after and beneficial.

Likewise, the child must be respected when he is concentrating on a game or task, we must not open the door, without first knocking or abruptly interrupting his activity so that they immediately attend to any other imposed by us. Just as they need us to have respect for their things or toys, they also need respect for their space and privacy.

Although it is not always easy to offer these moments of "self-encounter", either due to not having a room of our own or for other reasons, we should try to restrain our constant demands for attention and facilitate these requested moments as much as possible. We can delight any child with a mini tent, a flashlight under a sheet or a simple cardboard box so that they have that solitude they are looking for, that private space entirely their own, which perhaps they will turn into a place to carry out their mischief. without witnesses.

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