19 weeks pregnant

19 weeks pregnant

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You may feel hotter in the nineteenth week of pregnancy than at other stages of your life and even sweat more. It will help you fight hot flashes, cool showers and wear loose clothing and natural fibers.

Likewise, it is possible that you feel itching in your belly and a constant urge to scratch, it is due to the distension of the skin. Use moisturizers and avoid scratching to avoid causing small injuries.

The uterus has grown and is almost at the level of the navel, your pregnancy is now evident, your belly is much more noticeable. You will have noticed that you have a slightly darker line from below the navel and up to the pubis, it is called dawn line.

In pregnant women it is much easier than stains come out, many will disappear when you have given birth, but it is very important that you take care of your skin. Protect it from the sun by applying a high protection factor to prevent stains from remaining after pregnancy.

Due to the stretching of the skin, many women get stretch marks, red lines produced by the rupture of the tissues. Once they appear it is very difficult to eliminate them, so you have to make an effort to prevent them. To do this you must use highly moisturizing creams several times a day and drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

Every time your body supports more weight and this could cause pain in your back or lower back. It will help prevent these pains if you strengthen your back with gymnastics for pregnant women. But if in the nineteenth week of pregnancy you already have discomfort, try to lie down in bed and apply heat to the area.

Your baby is 17 weeks old, measures about 19 centimeters and weighs between 250 and 260 grams. Their ears, at week 19 of gestation, approach their final position. The ears are already formed and can perceive the sounds that come muffled from the outside.

The fetus performs a multitude of movements And since it is still small, it has room to change position at will. If you are calm you might notice their kicks. Her body is covered by a substance called vernix caseosa that helps protect her skin and prevent it from cracking as she is constantly surrounded by fluid throughout pregnancy.

The baby's nervous system continues to evolve and its brain grows rapidly. Your five senses are activating can taste amniotic fluid, feel the touch of his hand or his umbilical cord or listen to the beat of your heart.

Pregnant women can suffer from headaches and some even complain of migraines. It is normal to have headaches during pregnancy. They are due to stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, dehydration or low blood sugar.

When you suffer from headaches, you can apply cold compresses to the back of your neck or temples and try to be calm. Take a deep breath and close your eyes imagining a pleasant scene for you. You can also rest in a room without light. If your headaches are very severe and continuous, consult your doctor.

During your pregnancy, vaginal secretions should be white and odorless. If you experience vaginal itching or burning, pain or irritation when urinating, or a discharge that is different than usual, consult your gynecologist to rule out possible vaginal infections.

Are you worried about knowing which is the most suitable clothes for your pregnancy? Your way of dressing will change during these months, but the fashion for pregnant women has evolved a lot and you can look beautiful and fashionable despite having lost your waist. During pregnancy you will feel warmer so try to find natural fiber garments, dresses or shirts that do not fit too much. Avoid wearing very high heels and do not wear plastic shoes because it will accentuate the swelling of your feet and ankles.

The basis of a healthy diet during your pregnancy is to have a varied diet that will provide you the nutrients and energy needed for you and your baby's development.

Take as a guideline if you have not done it before, from the nineteenth week of gestation, include in your meals all the food groups: dairy, vegetables, legumes, cereals, fruits, meats and fish.

Always have a small bottle of water on hand and drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Not only is it not convenient to skip meals, but you have to try to 5 meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner.

Eliminate alcohol from your diet, totally contraindicated during pregnancy, and reduce the consumption of fats and sugars. To avoid constipation, a disease that many pregnant women suffer from, make sure the necessary supply of fiber, present in whole wheat bread, raw vegetables, fruits and cereals.

If you feel heartburn after meals, try drinking a glass of milk and, above all, avoid spicy foods, bingeing, or excessive amounts of coffee and tea.

In the nineteenth week of gestation you could be suffering from sleeping problems. Many women in the second trimester of pregnancy complain of sleep disorders. Some tricks to combat these moments of insomnia and to be able to rest are:

- exercise during the day but never before bed

- always have the same waking and sleeping schedule

- avoid caffeinated drinks in the last part of the day

- don't take too many naps throughout the day

The baby's agitation and movements during the night may wake you up, he is still tiny and his kicks are light, you may now be aware of his movements for the first time.

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