Infant urticaria

Infant urticaria

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Infant urticaria in children and babies is a common viral infection that comes in two varieties: Type I urticaria, the most common in both children and adults, produces painful lesions around the mouth in the form of canker sores (fever).

It is natural that when this type of infection the child loses his appetite, due to the lesions that begin in a red and swollen area, which opens and lets out an opalescent liquid. Then a scab forms. Type II urticaria, Herpes Zoster, affects, above all, adults and is more frequent in the genital region. Herpes virus recurrence episodes do not produce general symptoms such as fever. It is only limited to the affected area.

It is estimated that between 10% and 20% of the population has suffered acute urticaria at some time in their lives. It affects more girls than boys, and when it comes to chronic urticaria, the ratio of men to women is two women for every man who suffers from hives.

Urticaria is produced by the Zoster virus, the same that also produces chickenpox. The virus is lodged in nerve ganglion cells Sensitive that innervate that region and can be reactivated in situations of stress, low defenses (children), fever, sun exposure, menstruation (in adolescents).

The first thing is to consult the doctor. All treatment is aimed at reducing the duration of the acute stage, which normally lasts one week, through the use of a syrup or tablets that have the ability to significantly reduce the duration of symptoms.

What should not be ignored is that the process can be repeated many times in life. The antiviral creams they are not effective. And antibiotics will be indicated by the doctor only in cases of large infection.

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