The benefits of songs for children

The benefits of songs for children

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Since we are born we have practically present the Children's and Popular Song. All that series of songs that have crossed borders and have come to us through musical heritage. We must be aware of all the benefits it brings us, and involve our little ones in discovering it.

Each of us has impregnated in his memory that song that helped us to multiply, to memorize some concept, who told us a fable or simply helped us to share and enjoy a daily moment with family and friends. Now think about it; What do you still remember?

The simple fact that the years go by and we are able to remember a nursery rhyme is of the utmost importance. When a child sings a nursery rhyme, he feels happy, he tries to understand the meaning of what he sings, the story and his message.

It also contributes to the development of language. It is scientifically proven that a child begins to sing earlier than to build sentences through speech. This fact is due to the fact that when we sing, we use a different part of the cerebral hemisphere to that of speech. The left one for singing and the right one for speech. Thus, if a child sings, he begins to construct phrases similar to the language, making his later learning easier.

Another factor to consider is the development of the inner ear. Systematically repeating the same melody makes us carry out a basic intonation and ear development exercise.

Children's songs are based on simple melodies, easy to sing and very catchy to the ear. By adding lyrics to one of them, it gives a sense of rhythm and if we accompany it with rhythmic internalization exercises, we are nurturing our children with a very complete and enriching exercise as well as fun.

Take the test: Turn everything around you into a Children's Song! Children will thank you and have a great time while they learn and fill themselves with positivity.

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