How Children Can Help With Housework

How Children Can Help With Housework

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Children must and can collaborate in household chores from an early age. It is from the age of two that they begin to show interest in helping with household chores because they feel capable enough to do so.

It is possible that your help is more an intention than something fruitful but it is essential to take advantage of this innate motivation to help and empower it so that the little one gets used to seeing and understanding that housework is everyone's business.

Also, that the little ones in the house get involved in housework will help them have more responsibility at home and in their life as they get older, so the next time you think it's better to do homework when your child is sleeping… nothing of that! You better be patient and collaborate in some things because you can.

But do you want to know what kind of tasks they can collaborate on depending on how old your child is? You should have a paper at home as you grow older and here is a guide so that you know what it is that you can collaborate on (and that it adds to the age they reach).

How Two and Three Year Olds Can Help Together:

- Collect the toys from your room and place it in your trunk in a simple and fun way. In this initial task it is advisable that he always do it with you because you 'help' him to collect.

- Put diapers in the trash or dirty clothes in the basket. Help separate the socks.

- Feed a pet. Watering plants.

- Dressing alone. Go to the bathroom alone.

- Remove your plate from the table and leave it in the kitchen.

How Four and Five Year Olds Can Help Together:

- Help set and remove the table. Help you in the kitchen with the easy tasks.

- Help you make your bed and clean your room.

- Help you fold towels.

- Sweep.

- Help with the domestic purchase and put things in their place.

How 6 and 7-year-olds can help at home:

- Pick up their toys without help. Keep the room tidy.

- Watering plants.

- Fold socks.

- Help you rinse the dishes.

How children ages 8-10 can help at home:

- Do the washing up.

- Change the sheets and make your bed alone.

- Cleaning (sweeping, dusting, keeping your room tidy, etc.)

How children ages 10 to 12 can help at home:

- Put the washing machine.

- Make simple dishes in the kitchen.

- Clean without supervision.

- Take out the trash.

Remember that if the task you assign is too difficult for his age, chances are he will get frustrated, don't finish it, and find it hard to collaborate on other occasions. For this reason, it is essential that you adjust your demands to their age and ability to do so. Also, if he does not do it as perfect as you, it does not matter, because you have to give value to his effort and teach him to do it better for the next time.

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