Baby poops in his father's arms in a photo shoot

Baby poops in his father's arms in a photo shoot

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British Al Ferguson got a huge surprise during a photoshoot together with his newborn baby, Ted. Her little one was peacefully asleep in her arms, when suddenly she started to smile, and do you know why? Because he had just pooped in his father's arms. What a relief! And what a surprise!

According to the photographer Kirsty Grant, a specialist in babies and weddings, the aim was to capture Ted in his first moments. Babies grow very quickly in the first months of life, and what she and the baby's father wanted was to capture and record the fragility and tenderness of the little one's first days in the arms of his father.

Grant claims that during the photoshoot she felt that the baby's tummy thighs became too tense and that she had to somehow relax him. So, he kept the camera in position to wait for what happened. Everything went very fast, and before she could notify the father, Ted was relieved giving way to his physiological needs. The result was this brilliant photograph that is causing a sensation on the Internet, following its publication on Ferguson's blog (The Dad Network) and on the photographer's profile (@kgrantphoto).

The scene has not only drawn a happy and relaxed face to the baby, but has also caused a lot of laughter from his mother who was in the studio at the time of the photo. It is very likely that the baby will not poop on his father again, but surely he will never forget this unusual and amazing moment.

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