Japanese names for boys

Japanese names for boys

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One of the family debates that we like the most is the choice of the baby's name. Different opinions to put a name that fits the personality of the child and that the whole family likes. But while some like traditional names, others look for a more original name.

If yours are the original names, you can choose some japanese name for your child. Japanese names are still unknown, but today they are a trend and in the coming years there will be many children with this type of Japanese names with eloquent meanings.

1. Hiro. It is one of the best known Japanese names for boys. It means 'generous' and in Japan it is usually accompanied by other names forming a compound name.

2. Yoshio. This name has a meaning of 'courage'. We like it because it can fit the personality of your brave, adventurous and daring child.

3. Yamato. With a special musicality, this Japanese name for boy means 'Calm down'. It is perfect if you want to reinforce the personality of a child through calm and tranquility.

4. Kiyoshi. One of the prettiest Japanese names for boys is this which means 'sacred'. It is a special name that fits perfectly with a very special child.

5. Hiroki. This name is a classic in Japan. Its meaning of 'great strength' it only reinforces the character and personality of your child.

6. Haruki. Few names as beautiful and evocative as this one that means 'sunshine'. If you want a nice name for your baby, Haruki may be the ideal name.

7. Taiki. Japanese names for boys have meanings as eloquent as this which means 'Big hopes'. Because your boy is your great hope, Taiki may be the best name for him.

8. Hayate. This name means 'fast as the wind' and we like it for its originality in meaning and for its musicality. It is a strong name with personality.

9. Toshio. Let the meaning of this name be that of 'hero' it only places it in the top positions of the most fashionable Japanese names. A name that we like for its meaning and how it sounds.

10. Kimura. For nature lovers, this name means 'village of trees' it is perfect. It does not love it because it has a special musicality capable of highlighting the character of any child.

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