A nine month pregnancy in six seconds

A nine month pregnancy in six seconds

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For a pregnant woman, the nine months of gestation, they become eternal. Many would love to speed up the process and get rid of some hassles in the process. But what is a natural and necessary process, is suddenly transformed into art when an artist is able to dominate time and manage it at will.

Iad Padgham He decided, camera in hand, to immortalize his wife's pregnancy, to later get a wonderful and indelible memory. He photographed her every month in the same room, in the same posture and with the same clothes. Then she put the pictures together like a puzzle and produced an amazing video: Nine months of pregnancy could be summed up in just six seconds.

It is fascinating what artists are capable of doing with a little creativity and the necessary tools. We have seen other pregnancy videos before, but never such a perfect summary. In it, it is clearly revealed how a woman's body changes during gestation. Clear and concise. Short and beautiful. Of course, the protagonist (Claire) has had a small advantage: her husband is dedicated to editing videos on the Vine platform (where the videos must be just six seconds long).

Artists sometimes take advantage of their gift to put it at the service of their family, with spectacular results. One of the most beautiful videos I have seen is that of a music composer (Tom fletcher) who created a song for his pregnant wife as a gift to their first child. At the time it was sung to her, she had their baby. Impossible? Here is the evidence to prove it.

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