Children can and should help with household chores

Children can and should help with household chores

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Like many women, I also have my job outside the home, I am a homemaker, wife and mother. But I've always been clear that before being all that, I have to be me, I have to have time, even a few minutes, to dedicate myself, to read a book, to do gymnastics, to chat with my friends ... For this reason, I believe that when it comes to housework, both the husband and the children can and should participate.

You cannot be 100 percent everything, although there are situations and circumstances that often force us to do so. What I mean is that children, and not only girls, we have to educate them to also participate in housework, from an early age, so that they get used to the fact that in a house we also have responsibilities and commitments to fulfill.

The small tasks or housework that we entrust to the children, make a big difference in the family life. It is not the same that each one delves into his own interests and that only one fulfills his duties, that everyone does everything. We receive many emails from mothers who dream of being able to play leisurely with their children, apart from being able to sleep a single day late, or to read a book, go shopping, go to the movies, etc.

There are maternity wards that look like a jail, right? I think that a son comes to add and not to subtract. That is why I believe that the education of our children should include taking care of the house. Then if we have to lose nights of sleep for them, of course we lose them. That is part of our mother's job.

First of all, letting them see that we are a team, whether you do it or not, that will affect everyone. In short, what NO to the hotel and YES to the home. What your child can do alone, that is periodic and supervised. The assignments are not to ease the burden on parents or to take advantage of the children's free time, they are to make them stronger to face life. So here are some activities that can be carried out by the little ones, depending on their age and abilities:

- Make your bed

- Sort your room; collect clothes, toys ...

- Notify if any clothes need repair

- If you eat outside of family hours, pick up the dirt

- Turn off lights when you don't need them

- Collect all the objects they have taken. The CD, the DVDs, the magazines ...

- Set and unset the table

- Take out the trash

- Vacuuming

- Water and take care of plants

- Answer the phone

- Caring for and feeding the pet

- Pick up the mail

- Go with dad to recycle the garbage

- And everything you think your child is capable of doing and that does not pose risks to their health.

A positive motivation towards your child is very important. It will encourage you to continue collaborating.

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