How to carry the newborn in your arms

How to carry the newborn in your arms

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Many people they dare not hold a newborn. This is because they see something very fragile in him and do not know how to grasp him. It is true that it is not the same to hold a nine-month-old baby than one that is just a few days old. The newborn is fragile and defenseless. He still does not have joint strength and cannot lift his head or control his neck. Therefore, the movements when taking the baby in arms must be smooth and safe.

Babies, when they are born, feel helpless. Suddenly they leave that placid place where they were, warm and safe, and now they are in a world full of noises, lights, unknown voices ... That is why the newbornneeds to be held firmly, but gently.

1. Before lifting you, it is good that you look into his eyes, let him feel your eye contact. If they recognize you, you will help them to have confidence and lose the fear of being caught.

2. Bend down when you take your child from the crib. This will shorten the space between you and him and will be able to establish eye contact more directly.

3. Always hold the neck and head with one hand and put the other on your back. Remember that the baby's neck does not yet have the necessary strength to support the head. It needs you to hold it.

4. Many babies really like it to be held upside down. You can support her body on your forearm and let her face rest in the palm of your hand. This position is also very good for calming the pain of infant colic.

5. You can also support on the forearm but with the baby face up. This gives you the freedom to look into his eyes while stroking him with your other hand.

The bond and attachment is that feeling that parents have towards their baby from the moment of birth. Formerly after delivery, and showing the baby to the mother, they took him away to wash and clean him. However, the custom of giving the baby to the mother is becoming more and more widespread, even if it is full of remains from the birth.

From the first moment the newborn needs to be hugged. You need protection, security, warmth. You need to feel the way you felt inside the womb. The affectionate bond during the first months is as important as food or hygiene.

To hug the newborn, you have to hold him with both hands and support his body against the chest. Thus. he will be able to hear the heartbeat. Many babies recognize their mother's heartbeat and this calms them down when they are nervous.

The hug brings the baby closer to the skin of the person holding him. And smell is your most developed sense. Soon he will recognize the smell of the people closest to him and gain confidence. Every time they are picked up, they will immediately recognize who it is.

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