Are newborn babies ugly?

Are newborn babies ugly?

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Babies come out of our womb as if they had come out of a fight: flattened nose, swollen eyes, crossed gaze, bent ears, congested skin, pointed head, etc. Said in succession, it is quite a picture to imagine them, but the tenderness that they inspire us is inevitable despite these traumatic marks of their birth.

The newborn baby deserves special attention, since almost all mothers have in our mind the appearance of a plump baby, smooth and homogeneous skin, with an angelic appearance. I will always remember when I first saw my newborn son. I was hoping that their appearance was a bit strange since I had heard many people say that babies are very ugly when they are born. But none of that, something rare yes, but never ugly, in a few weeks you can see the profound change that occurs in them!

How is it possible that we have made such a small and perfect thing? My husband said in wonder. The newborn is perfect insofar as nature has not forgotten its five little fingers and toes, its sucking lips, its genitalia, its vital organs ... and its innate survival reflexes. The neonatologist who attended us told us that intellectually newborns are incomparable to any other mammal (and physically, I add), although in principle their physical fragility and their bruised appearance puzzles us, in a few weeks they will be precious babies, kind by nature , that will captivate us without remedy.

The baby in 1 or 2 weeks will noticeably differ from its initial appearance. If we have doubts about any physical characteristics of our baby we can ask the one who knows the most about them: the neonatologist. It may happen that we worry that we do not know how to differentiate between a birth defect or the temporary appearance that they have at the time of birth and a few days afterwards. Generally, the initial appearance of normal newborns present in addition to that somewhat affected face, a soft part (the fontanel) in the skull to allow the development of the brain, this will remain closed with bone between 12 and 18 months; undefined or light eye color; inflammation and engorgement in the genitals both in the testicles of boys and on the lips of girls; bulging belly and engorged breasts; tight hips and bowed legs that will be corrected as the child adopts upright positions to start walking; frenulum of the tongue short; lanugo (a fine hair on the back and shoulders) that will disappear during the first month of life and vernix caseoso (a fatty protective layer that protects your skin in the womb).

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