All mothers are the same in reality and in photos

All mothers are the same in reality and in photos

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There are more or less permissive. Strict, creative, loud, nervous, calm, loving. There are thousands and thousands of mothers and yet they are all the same. It does not matter what race they are, in which country they live. It doesn't matter how old you are. It does not matter if they are beautiful or have gray hair, wrinkles or a scar. It doesn't matter what era they are from. In the end, all mothers repeat over and over the same gestures, the same caresses, the same complicity with their children.

50 years ago, the photographer Ken heyman traveled the world and photographed hundreds of mothers. The anthropologist Margaret Mead (her ex-teacher and friend) put her text. The book, 'Familia' (1965), was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Everything stayed there, and time passed. But Ken, now in his eighties, went to pick up some photos stored in a warehouse that has just closed its doors. Then he discovered these photographs.

The photos are 50 years old, but even without a smartphone or social media, mothers have always seemed to be very busy. The pictures show and prove that mothers are the same everywhere. There are those good morning kisses, that hug that comforts the crying child, the sweetness with which a mother combs her daughter, that knowing look between them. What mother has not bathed with her child. Who did not suffer by comforting their crying. What mother does not laugh with the laughter of her son. Or play on the beach to spin it in the air. What mother does not kiss and is kissed. It does not hug and is hugged.

Because in the end, all mothers are the same. The sweet ones, the loud ones, the demanding ones, the calm ones. Chinese, African, American mothers. Perhaps it is because all, all mothers, share the same goal: to achieve happiness for their children.

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