The pregnant belly grows on the pages of a book

The pregnant belly grows on the pages of a book

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Records made during pregnancy can become a precious gift for children. How many memories can be gathered during the nine months of pregnancy, right? In the typical 40 weeks that a pregnancy lasts, many changes occur. One of them is the growth of the mother's belly that can be visualized in a very curious way in Mother Book, a book created by the Japanese agency Dentsu Nagoya for the obstetric clinic Kishokai Medical Corporation, so that moms can record the weeks of their pregnancy.

The book has 40 pages and each one of them explains in what stage of the pregnancy the woman is and how the baby is expecting. It tells interesting things like when, in week 26, the baby begins to taste the food that his mother eats, or when the baby, at the end of the pregnancy, prepares to leave his mother's womb.

The book, in addition to being beautiful and curious, also allows mothers to write, in the blank spaces reserved for this, memories on its pages, such as when they began to feel their baby kicking or when they noticed that their baby had hiccups or I was asleep. This creative idea, ideal for keeping children as memories, has won the Grand Prix, the maximum trophy of the Lions Health Festival, in the health and wellness category. And no wonder ... If you have any questions, watch the video presentation of Mother book:

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