How to decorate shared children's rooms

How to decorate shared children's rooms

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What to do when two brothers have to share a room? How to decorate whether the room is going to be occupied by two children, two girls or a boy and a girl? We offer you solutions to decorate shared bedrooms.

The problem usually arises when it comes to rooms for a boy and a girl or when the ages of the children are very different. It is advisable for everyone to have their own space and feel it as their own.

Let's start with the types of beds that can be used. The dimensions of the bedroom and how it will be used will influence the choice. When one or both are babies it is clear that they will use the crib. But when they grow up, we will surely consider leaving space for a play area or study. As types of beds we can think of:

- Single beds: if you have a large bedroom they are perfect and their placement in parallel or in an L will depend on the surface of the room.

- Compact beds: in a single piece you have two beds, one of them can be hidden under the other during the day providing more space to play or study. It is more practical when opening them that the lower bed does not have a folding leg mechanism although it assumes that the furniture will be higher.

- Bunk beds: it is sure to be the option that makes the little ones look forward to the most. They can be superimposed or in the shape of a train, for which you will need more space.

- Folding beds: during the day they are hidden in a piece of furniture and your children can enjoy more space to play.

When each child is going to have their own space, when choosing the color you can choose to use the same color for both areas and then decorate with textile accessories, rugs, decorative details ... in two different colors depending on the child's sex or the girl.

In the case of a boy and a girl, we do not always have to think about pink and blue, there are other options such as green, orange, yellow ... that combine perfectly on a neutral base.

The other option consists of use totally different colors to separate the two environments that each of the children will occupy. These colors can contrast intensely and thus personalize them according to your tastes.

When the ages of children are very different, each with their own hobbies and tastes and interests and the size of the bedroom allows it, it will be good to separate both areas with some kind of wall or wooden structure that further delimits the spaces. You can integrate it into the decoration if you use the same color as on the furniture or on the wall.

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