How to fit a baby carrier

How to fit a baby carrier

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The baby carrier backpack It is one of the most comfortable and safe portages that we can find. They can be perfectly adapted to the size of the child thanks to its adjustable closures, while the adult who wears it can do so in total comfort without damaging their back.

In Guiainfantil We teach you how to properly adjust a baby carrier so that you can do it without having to ask anyone for help. With four simple steps, you will learn and it will ensure that the carrying backpack is perfectly fixed.

  • An adjustable baby carrier.

Tip: Try to adjust the handles of the backpack to the same height so that both shoulders carry the same weight.

1. Place the bottom of the backpack on the waist.

2. Attach the back clasp and tighten it by pulling on one of the sides.

3. Place the baby on your chest and pass the backpack behind him leaving the legs out. Next, put the backpack handles on your shoulders.

4. To finish, fix the back clasp of the back and adjust it so that the handles are attached to each other.

In collaboration with Maria Algueró, carrying instructor and child specialist.

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