Funny photographic series of a father with his daughter

Funny photographic series of a father with his daughter

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It is not the first time that the photographer Dave Engledow performs a photo shoot with her 3-year-old daughter Alice. Ever since his little girl, Engledow, who calls himself "the best father in the world," was born, he has been recording moments with her in an original, creative and inspiring way.

The photos of Dave Engledow, an American from Maryland, are taken in parts, taking up to two hours to 'click' the photos and then about 20 hours to edit them. He explains that he does not force his daughter to do what she does not want. All photos are taken respecting the capabilities and limitations of your little one. This job is also a way of playing with her and at the same time 'laughing' at her role as a father.

The first time Dave took a photo of his daughter was when she was 8 or 12 weeks old, with his wife. She is the one who stays behind the cameras helping Dave entertain his daughter during the photoshoots. It all started when Dave posted the photos on his Facebook profile. The success was immediate. He has selected some of the funniest photos from the photographer's albums, in which he represents the father he does not want to be. The images, digitally retouched, portray a father's jokes about taking care of his children. When you see them, there is not a doubt that they do not correspond to reality. It is a photographic parody.

1. Changing diapers

The curious photographs of Dave Engledow recreate some and different moments of a father's care for his daughter. In this photograph, the photographer recreates the time of the diaper change. This photo is titled: The duty of the diaper.

Changing diapers is one of the most difficult first tasks for parents, especially when the baby is pooping. The smell of a baby's poop is strong and can leave more than one dad dizzy and nauseous. To prevent that from happening, Dave has had the idea of ​​taking a picture with his baby with an oxygen mask to withstand the smell of his little girl's poop.

2. Training between father and daughter

Dave appears in this photo on an exercise bike, eating a chicken drumstick, while his daughter Alicia tries, with all her might, to reach the pedals of the bicycle.

Dave rests on the bike while his little girl tries to get on the pedals.

There is nothing better for the father to get lunch or dinner than to make his son stay entertained with something. With this photo, Dave wants to convey a situation that does not make sense or anything to do with reality.

3. Father and daughter screwing

Oh my god! What is this father doing screwing with his little girl? Surely there will be 'a screw missing' for this father who in this photo screws with his young daughter. What if he catches the finger?

This photo is titled 'one less screw', and nothing more fair. What Dave really wants, he says, is to get a great photographic treasure of his daughter, as a legacy for when she grows up. A fun, creative and very funny photo to laugh with the children.

But do not worry so much, the image is a montage and is very well supervised by the mother. :)

4. Girl vacuuming while her father rests

Dave's photos bring out everyone's smiles and laughter. It's nice to see little Alice in different scenarios that her father prepares for her with the help of his creative and curious imagination and fantasy, and with a lot of editing quality.

In this photo, the little girl appears vacuuming the living room carpet, while her father rests quietly on the couch, having a coffee. A fun and original photo for your little one to keep as a keepsake.

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