Children will be what we give to them. Mini Documentary 'Julia'

Children will be what we give to them. Mini Documentary 'Julia'

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Many times parents are not fully aware of what it really means to have a child, a baby to take care of and educate him ... until we hold him in our arms. That is what the parents of the little and precious Julia talk about, in a documentary that makes us reflect on how important the commitment is, and not the obligation, that parents have towards our children. ‘Julia’ It makes us think about what we give to our children and what they will wear for the rest of their lives. It invites us to become aware that what is given to children today, they will give to us and to society.

Olga and Víctor, Julia's parents, tell us in this video the changes they experienced in their lives since the birth of their little girl, even before she was born. Their testimonies, told with so much feeling and emotion, speak of how important it is to put oneself in the place of children in order to know their needs, and to instill basic values ​​of coexistence, respect and patience in their education.

This documentary that I share with you took three years to make. When you see it, you will surely identify moments as intimate as when you have seen your baby in the ultrasound, or when you started preparing the room for your little one, or when you breastfed for the first time, or even in the kind words of the parents about his daughter.

"Julia" // Mini Documentary from Pablo Rios on Vimeo.

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