We lack arms to take care of the children

We lack arms to take care of the children

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Carrying the cart, the bag, the shopping, the baby, the little brother ..., I think we are poorly designed, we should grow an extra arm with our fatherhood. Outside of jokes, what is clear is that children and the everyday objects that accompany them require effort and time on our part, often extraordinary.

I remember when my first child was born that in the living room we had the cuckoo, a hammock and a thousand pieces of furniture for our offspring. It seemed important to us to have everything at hand to effectively cover the baby's requirements. With time and some other baby, we were reducing the objects and we were imposing a bit of order and austerity in the exhibits.

A few months ago I decided to remove my baby's stroller for good from everyday use and I still feel weird. Although my little one can already walk almost everywhere, I still do not get used to not having my much appreciated and at the same time hated stroller attached to my hands.

It seemed like I was going naked when I decided not to use the car to go pick up the brothers from school! This new feeling of freedom was unreal, for many years with my children it has been such a dependency that now I don't know where to put my hands or where to hang the backpacks or the bag of sandwiches.

With or without a trolley, the fact is that on many occasions moms and dads lack hands to handle ourselves. Going up the weekly shopping in the elevator or up the stairs, when we are accompanied by our little ones, means taking a few thousand trips. A simple excursion or picnic makes our trunk overflow with necessary objects and objects "just in case": a change, the coat, the hat, the sun cream, the toys, the tricycle, the ball, the backpack of snacks , bottles of water, kitchenware and food to eat out, etc.

Our biceps are envied by the most demanding bodybuilder! Of course, this aspect of parenting requires a great dose of energy, patience, of time, of effort and of common sense ... it may be that at the end of the day each of the muscles of our body aches, something that is repeated day after day, my poor husband has already had two severe low back pain for the excesses committed as a pack mule!

During a good season, parents will face a demanding program of forced exercises and, of course, we could use one more arm than the two that we have by nature.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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