Parent tantrums and tantrums

Parent tantrums and tantrums

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A boy as young as nine beats another boy with a stick in a park. The parents of the abused child invite the parents of the abuser child to their home to discuss the issue civically. What begins with tolerance and understanding ends up leading them, through a change of attitudes among themselves, to confront each other, revealing how complicated human and 'adult' relationships are, and even more so when it comes to parents.

There is so much talk about children's tantrums that I just remembered a tragic-comedy I once saw, entitled 'A Wild God'. A work that all parents should see as it manages to undress parents, showing what is behind their children. A work that makes you think that many times, everything that happens wrong with our children, we blame others, the bad behavior of their friends, bad teaching and the lack of control of their teachers, but we rarely give ourselves Realize that we parents have a lot of responsibility for what happens to them. Children absorb not only our strengths but also our weaknesses. They are the victims of bad education.

How much easier is it for us to criticize the children of others? We look for errors in everyone, in how bad they are dressed, in their way of speaking, in their bad sharing, in what they have too much, and in what they don't. By the way, we also talk about the bad education that their parents give, how bad the school they attend is, and we do not stop making comparisons and grades. And of course, we believe that everything ours is infinitely better. Are we so sure that the education we give our children is the best? Do we give them the example? Are we not placing too many expectations on them?

The play I referred to at the beginning is just one of the portraits of many families. It makes us see ourselves reflected in each of the characters. In the way they use to defend their world tooth and nail, in the exaggerated expectations they place on their children, in the frustration and dissatisfaction of the family togetherness and, above all, in the extreme childishness and intolerance that we often wear to solve and solve family problems. And I ask myself: How do we want the children to turn out?

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